Low Sulfite Wines

Low Sulfite Wines

Non or low-sulfite wines are produced without added sulfites, but may contain small amounts of naturally occurring sulfites – white wine more so than red. Sulfur dioxide, a compound formed from sulfur and oxygen, occurs naturally during fermentation in small quantities, so all wines will have a very small amount of natural sulfites present. Low sulfite wines are ideal for those who suffer from negative side effects of sulfites, and here we have selected a Spanish red and an Italian Friulano – both low sulfite options.


Milu 75cl - €17.95 http://bit.ly/MiluVegan

A lively and expressive Spanish wine coming from high altitude vineyards. The Milu is a dry red wine with ripe tannins and flavours of wild strawberry, black cherry and thyme. Suitable for vegans and vegetarian, this wine is sustainably produced and minimum sulfite content.


I Clivi Friulano 75cl - €22.95 http://bit.ly/ICliviFriulano

A subtle, aromatic white wine with hints of citrus fruit, wild flowers and fine-herb aromas as well as a nutty and slightly creamy finish. This wine is sustainably produced and contains minimum sulfite content.

Posted by Simon Hawkins
10th January 2020

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