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Jim Beam Double Oak 70cl
Jim Beam Double Oak 70cl Usa READ MORE
Jim Beam Double Oak is first aged in charred American white oak barrels, and then poured it into another freshly charred barrel to mature for a second time. The added interaction with the oak wood results in a liquid intense in flavour, smooth in taste.BrandJim BeamCountryUSAType BourbonBottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume42%
Price €43.95
Jim Beam Devil’s Cut 70cl
Jim Beam Devil’s Cut 70cl Usa READ MORE
When creating the Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, a proprietary process is used that extracts the rich bourbon trapped inside the barrel wood. When ready, this liquid is then blended with extra-aged bourbon and is then bottled at 90 proof (45% vol.). This produces robust, premium bourbon with deep color, aroma, and character.BrandJim BeamCountryUSAType BourbonBottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume45%
Price €39.95