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Hendrick's Gin 70cl
Hendrick's Gin 70cl Scotland READ MORE
Hendricks is an iconoclastically produced small batch gin distilled in Ayrshire, Scotland. The unusual distillation process combined with the oddly delicious set of infusions yields a one-of-a-kind gin that is passionately loved by individuals all over the world. No other gin tastes like it because no other gin is made like it.TypeGinCountryScotlandBottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume41.4%
Price €49.95
Glenmorangie 14 Year Old Quinta Ruban 70cl

Dalmore 12Yr
Dalmore 12Yr Scotland READ MORE
Dalmore 12 is aged for the first nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, before half is transferred to ex-oloroso sherry casks for the final three years. The result is a whiskey with a combination of sweetness and rich, sherried flavours.BrandDalmoreCountryScotlandType ScotchBottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €63.99
Laphroaig 10Yr Old
Laphroaig 10Yr Old Scotland READ MORE
Laphroaig 10 year old is a full-bodied, smoky gem, with a residual sweetness and a hint of salt amid the seaweedy, peaty characters before a long warming finish.BrandLaphroaigCountryScotlandType Single MaltBottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €59.95

Auchentoshan 12yr
Auchentoshan 12yr Scotland READ MORE
This Auchentoshan 12 yrs expression replaced the old 10 year-old in 2008 when the range was totally revamped. The Auchentoshan 12 year old whiskey has been hailed as a big improvement on the occasionally lacklustre 10 year old.BrandAuchentoshanCountryScotlandType WhiskeyBottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €48.99
Glenfiddich Pure Malt 12Yr Old
Glenfiddich Pure Malt 12Yr Old Scotland READ MORE
A light, floral and soft single malt that is one of the benchmark whiskies of the Speyside region, hence its incredible popularity. Aged in both American oak and European oak casks. . BrandGlenfiddichCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €54.95

Glenlivet Founder's Reserve 70cl
Glenlivet Founder's Reserve 70cl Scotland READ MORE
The Glenlivet is the No.1 selling single malt in the U.S. and The Glenlivet Founders Reserve is the latest expression in the range.Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve is a Speyside single malt scotch, with the classic Glenlivet full-bodied and fruity character.It has tastes which are wonderfully sweet and smooth, almost silky. Toffee apple and pear drops invoke a pleasant sensation which is followed...
Price €49.95
Highland Park 12Yr Old
Highland Park 12Yr Old Scotland READ MORE
One of the most complex of all standard expression whiskies. The Highland Park 12 Year Old has a little bit of everything with a characteristic heather and honey note and some well balanced peat smoke. Try it at both full strength and with a little water. It does change quite a lot, becoming very soft and floral with water.BrandKilbegganCountryIrelandBottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €59.95

Ardbeg Corryvreckan
Ardbeg Corryvreckan Scotland READ MORE
Powerfully peaty and immensely satisfying, Ardbeg's Corryvreckan is what happens when the distillery of Islay's Kildalton Coast aims to make a whisky with a particularly medicinal style than its usual expressions. Aptly named after a nearby whirlpool, Corryvreckan is an intense dram that we simply love. BrandArdbegCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume57.1%
Price €108.95
Ardbeg Uideadail
Ardbeg Uideadail Scotland READ MORE
This stunning expression from Islay's Ardbeg distillery on the Kildalton Coast is named after a nearby loch (pronounced "Oog-a-dal"). It's the perfect example of how sweet and savoury notes can work together spectacularly - you'll find Ardbeg's maritime salinity intact here, combined with dried fruit notes imparted by time spent in sherry casks. Kind of like when you mix sweet popcorn and salty popcorn...
Price €94.50

Arran Single Malt 14yr
Arran Single Malt 14yr Scotland READ MORE
The 2010 release from Arran, the 14 year old replaces the previous benchmark, the 12. This was finished in fresh bourbon and sherry hogsheads 2 years before it was bottled. The result is a sweet, fruity arran with all that wonderful malt we love! BrandArranCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume46%
Price €59.95
Arran Single Malt 18yr old
Arran Single Malt 18yr old Scotland READ MORE
A fine 18 year old Arran that has been exclusively matured in the finest Sherry and Bourbon casks. BrandArranCountryScotlandType Scotch WBottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume46%
Price €84.95

Auchentoshan 18 Y.O.
Auchentoshan 18 Y.O. Scotland READ MORE
Launched in 2008, this 18 year old bottling of triple distilled, Lowland single malt whisky boasts a superb richness for a core-range bottling and was aged in American oak casks.. BrandAuchentoshanCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume43%
Price €89.99
Auchentoshan American Oak
Auchentoshan American Oak Scotland READ MORE
Auchentoshan American Oak was introduced in 2014 to replace the Classic. Matured exclusively in first-fill bourbon casks, this is a vanilla-rich and fruity whisky.BrandAuchentoshanCountryScotlandType WhiskeyBottle Size70clAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €44.95

Auchentoshan Three Wood
Auchentoshan Three Wood Scotland READ MORE
A Lowland single malt matured in 3 different casks, namely: Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks, bourbon casks and Oloroso Sherry casks. A distinctive triple distilled whisky from Auchentoshan.. BrandAuchentoshanCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume43%
Price €64.99
Bowmore 12Yr
Bowmore 12Yr Scotland READ MORE
The heart of the Bowmore range, the 12 year old exhibits some beautiful coastal notes with a gentle peat, it is the balance that the floral element presents that makes this a great entry bottling for Bowmore. BrandBowmoreCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €57.95

Bowmore No1
Bowmore No1 Scotland READ MORE
Aged exclusively in first-fill Bourbon barrels. This is a pure and direct expression of Bowmore with creamy fruitiness and touches of smooth vanilla as well as the trademark Islay smokiness. Brand BowmoreCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €47.99
Bruichladdich, Classic Laddie
Bruichladdich, Classic Laddie Scotland READ MORE
Created by Jim McEwan from whisky matured in American oak casks alongside Lochindaal, and chosen to represent the classic, unpeated distillery style. Bruichladdich's new signature bottling is made with 100% Scottish barley.. BrandBruichladdichCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume50%
Price €69.95

Bruichladdich, Octomore 7.1
Bruichladdich, Octomore 7.1 Scotland READ MORE
This was the final release of Bruichladdich from Jim McEwan before his retirement in 2015. Like all other Octomores this is extremely smoky and peaty with a whopping 208ppm phenol count. BrandBruichladdichCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume59.5%
Price €174.99
Cardhu 12Yr
Cardhu 12Yr Scotland READ MORE
A smooth and elegant Speyside single malt that is extremely popular in Spain. Cardhu is crisp and light with flavours of pears, vanilla, toasted oatmeal and honey. BrandCardhuCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €54.99

Chivas Regal 12 Yo Scotch
Chivas Regal 12 Yo Scotch Scotland READ MORE
Chivas Regal is a world-famous Scotch blend which was first made in the early 20th century by Chivas Brothers. The company can trace its roots back to 1801, with the opening of a grocers at Number 13 King Street, Aberdeen. Selling luxury food, coffee and spices, it wasn't until half a century later that the company started to make whisky, and then not until post-US Prohibition that Chivas Regal 12...
Price €46.99
Cragganmore 12Yr Old
Cragganmore 12Yr Old Scotland READ MORE
A sherried 12 year old single malt from Diageo's Classic Malts range, this bottling from the Cragganmore distillery represents Speyside and proffers a rich, slightly floral whisky with barley note BrandCragganmoreCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €59.99

Dalmore 15yr Old
Dalmore 15yr Old Scotland READ MORE
The Dalmore 15 year old was first launched in 2007. Matured in Matusalem, Apostoles and Amoroso Sherry casks, it proffers all those winter spice, orange zest and chocolate notes characteristic of Dalmore. BrandDalmoreCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume40%
Price €99.99
Dalmore 18yr Old
Dalmore 18yr Old Scotland READ MORE
Dalmore's stunning 18 year old Highland malt is as rich, fruity and spicy as you could ever want from a Dalmore. Kudos to Richard Paterson for creating another veritable chocolate orange of a whisky - a surefire hit, and great for the colder months. It is aged for 14 years in American oak, followed by three years in Matusalem sherry butts, before a final year in sherry butts.. BrandDalmoreCountryScotlandType...
Price €164.94

Game Of Thrones Collection
Game Of Thrones Collection Scotland READ MORE
The folks from Diageo and the folks from HBO teamed up to create a series of whiskies based on the massively popular TV show Game of Thrones. This includes an expression from the Johnnie Walker range, and the Game of Thrones Single Malts Collection, featuring single malts from various distilleries (like Oban, Lagavulin, Dalwhinnie, and more) paired with the Houses that appear on the TV show. Whether...
Price €625.00
Glendronach 8yr Old
Glendronach 8yr Old Scotland READ MORE
TUnveiled in mid-2015, GlenDronach's The Hielan' is a rather handsome entry level 8 year old single malt from the Highland distillery's range, matured and married in bourbon and Sherry casks. Delightfully buttery with a good helping of chewy raisin and almond notes at its core, joined by touches of citrus and spice BrandGlenDronachCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume46%
Price €56.95

Glendronach Portwood
Glendronach Portwood Scotland READ MORE
A limited release from Glendronach, which has been peated and finished in Douro Valley Port pipes. A nicely balanced single malt with smoky, earthy notes alongside rich fruity flavours. BrandGlenDronachCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume46%
Price €69.99
Glendronach Vintage 1993
Glendronach Vintage 1993 Scotland READ MORE
A rather stunning well-sherried single malt from GlenDronach. Distilled in 1993, the whisky was laid to rest in Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso sherry casks. Twenty-five glorious GlenDronach years passed, then master blender Dr. Rachel Barrie selected the casks to create this expression, which has been bottled at 48.2% ABV. The Spanish oak in which it rested has imparted a rich golden hue to the liquid...
Price €345.00

GlenDronach, Allardice 18yr Single Malt
GlenDronach, Allardice 18yr Single Malt Scotland READ MORE
As you may have guessed from the name of this expression, GlenDronach is going back in time with Traditionally Peated. More specifically, about 200 years back, to the year 1826 when the distillery was founded, and it was common practice in the Highlands to burn peat in the kiln towards the end of the barley malting. For the whisky, the distillery has kept its traditional sherried style, marrying liquid...
Price €118.95
GlenDronach, Original 12yr Single Malt
GlenDronach, Original 12yr Single Malt Scotland READ MORE
This, like most Glendronach malts relies heavily on sherry cask ageing. Still one of the best bargains to be had from Speyside, if you like the old style Macallan malts, Aberlour or Dalmore then this is definitely one to give a go. BrandGlenDronachCountryScotlandType Scotch Bottle Size700mlAlcohol by Volume43%
Price €56.95
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