Powers Gold Label 70cl
Powers Gold Label 70cl Ireland READ MORE
Since 1791 Powers has been regarded as the definitive Irish whiskey. Triple distilled and non-chill filtered, its wonderfully complex, spicy and honeyed pot still character personifies the traditional style of Irish whiskey.Powers Gold Label is a whiskey born of over 200 years of experience. It has tasting notes of a touch of nutmeg combined with orchard fruits, vanilla and toasted oak.Country IrelandStyle...
Price €33.99
Powers Johns Lane 12 Year Old 70cl
Powers Johns Lane 12 Year Old 70cl Ireland READ MORE
Powers John’s Lane Release is a Single Pot Still whiskey that provides a glimpse of how Pot Still whiskey from the original John’s Lane distillery would have tasted.It has tasting notes with a full bodied spice front, followed by vanilla honey and dried apricot. There is also lingering honey sweetness on toasted oak.Using a pot still distillate, which is true to the original style of John’s...
Price €74.95

Powers Signature 70cl
Powers Signature 70cl Ireland READ MORE
Powers Signature Release is a Single Pot Still Irish whiskey of outstanding complexity and flavour. It has tastes of succulent sweet vanilla and hints of black liquorice and cinnamon which slowly allow some fruit to appear.Powers Signature Release is a tribute to the signature distillate style of Powers Pot Still Whiskey which demonstrates a combination of balance, intensity and depth associated with...
Price €63.99
Powers Three Swallow 70cl
Powers Three Swallow 70cl Ireland READ MORE
Powers Three Swallow is the 21st century embodiment of the traditional pure Pot Still whiskey style which made Powers famous the world over.It has tastes of spicy sweetness with an eruption of green apple and citrus combined with a smooth balance of crispy cedar wood.Featuring all the signature characteristics of traditional Irish pot still whiskey - robust, spicy and powerful. Powers Three Swallow...
Price €54.99