Our Winemakers: Foncalieu

Our Winemakers: Foncalieu

The Foncalieu family is a big one, with over a thousand winegrowers spread across three of the South of France’s great wine regions: Languedoc-Roussillon, Gascony and the Rhône Valley. Over the past century they have forged a close bond with their land and its fruits.

From the Corbières Mountains to the Mediterranean shore, from hillsides caressed by the Mistral to plains bathed in sunshine, they’ve been producing wines there since their ancestors founded France’s first winegrowers’ union, on 23 December 1901.

Together they stand strong, a tight-knit group of men and women resolutely focused on the future and open to the world. They create bespoke wines to meet the demands of their customers (restaurants, wine merchants, importers…) and also export their own brands, showcasing the wealth and diversity of their terroirs. Foncalieu are committed to the principles of sustainable development, but are also determined to demonstrate excellence in innovation as they produce wines tailored to the expectations of their different markets.

In doing so, Foncalieu remain true to the spirit of their ancestors, united by their timeless motto: all for one, and one for all.