12 Acres Lager 50cl
12 Acres Lager 50cl Ireland READ MORE
12 Acres Single Malt Lager is a very refreshing Kolsch Style Beer. A German Style Lager with influence from the famous Beer of Koln. Brewed from 100% of 12 Acres own malted Barley. It is a crisp clean refreshing cold lagered beer. The delicate malt flavour and light fruity notes from the German yeast is balanced by the classic European noble hop varieties Saaz and Hellartau Mittlefrau. The lager is...
Price €3.65
Black’s of Kinsale 1601 Gluten Free Lager 50cl
Black’s of Kinsale 1601 Gluten Free Lager... Ireland READ MORE
Black’s of Kinsale 1601 Lager is Black’s first ever Lager and was launched in 2016. It is a light, refreshing Irish Lager that has been brewed with Cascade hops that has been certified gluten free.BrandBlack’s of KinsaleCountryIrelandStyleLagerBottle Size50clAlcohol by Volume4.2%
Price €3.65

Hirsch Adlerkonig 50cl Bottle
Hirsch Adlerkonig 50cl Bottle Germany READ MORE
Enjoy a traditionally brewed pale lager with Hirsch’s Adlerkönig. This is a beer of unmistakeable character which is perfectly harmonious in its round and smooth taste.Brand Der Hirschbrau Country Germany Style LagerFood Match This beer is great with light food such as chicken, salads, salmon or mild CheddarBottle Size 50clAlcohol by Volume 4.7%
Price €3.75
Hirsch Holzar 50cl Bottle
Hirsch Holzar 50cl Bottle Germany READ MORE
Hirsch Holzar is an original old Allgäu brewing speciality. It is an amber coloured, bottom-fermented export beer. It’s taste is pure, full-bodied and hearty, with a light malt aroma and the taste of dark brewing malt with well rounded bitter touch.Brand Der HIrschbrauCountry Germany Style LagerFood Match Pair this beer with salads, cooked fish, seafood, poultry or mild cheese like EmmentalBottle...
Price €3.95

Kilarney Brewing Company Devil’s Helles Lager 50CL
Kilarney Brewing Company Devil’s Helles... Ireland READ MORE
This Helles style Lager is a pale, golden brew cold-fermented and conditioned for an exceptionally clean, crisp finish. The aroma is honeyed and malty, with a small hint of noble hops.BrandKilarney Brewing CompanyCountryIrelandStyleLagerBottle Size50clAlcohol by Volume4.2%
Price €3.55
O’Hara’s Irish Lager 50cl Bottle
O’Hara’s Irish Lager 50cl Bottle Ireland READ MORE
Using 6 different types of speciality malt and 5 different hop varieties, this Red IPA will show the uninitiated what craft beer is all about and remind the converted why they love it so much!Brand O’Hara’sCountry Ireland Style LagerFood Match Pairs wonderfully with pasta and pizza.Bottle Size 50clAlcohol by Volume 4.5%
Price €3.25

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 33cl
Peroni Nastro Azzurro 33cl Italy READ MORE
Peroni Nastro Azzurro is a premium Italian beer that captures the Italian spirit: a passion for life, authenticity and quality. It is brewed using the creativity and flair of Italians, blending the finest hops with two-row spring-planted barley and a quarter of Italian Maize. Brand Peroni Country Italy Style Lager Food Match Cheese and pastas Bottle Size 33cl Alcohol by Volume 5.1%
Price €1.85
Stiegl Freibier 0% 50cl Bottle
Stiegl Freibier 0% 50cl Bottle   READ MORE
Stiegl-Freibier stands out through its full-bodied, balanced taste. Aromatic Austrian Saphir hops lend the unfiltered, non-alcoholic beer in a refreshing, lime-like taste Brand StieglCountry AustriaStyle Lager Food Match This non-alcoholic lager goes great with light salads and Asian dishes.Bottle Size 50clAlcohol by Volume 0%
Price €2.50

Stiegl-Goldbräu 330ml
Stiegl-Goldbräu 330ml   READ MORE
Stiegl-Goldbräu is a traditional Salzburg beer specialty with 12° Plato and a characteristic golden-yellow colour. It is a full-bodied beer with a gentle bitterness brewed using indigenous ingredients. It is wonderfully refreshing and very agreeable.Brand StieglCountry Austria Style LagerFood Match This lager pairs perfectly with roasts, barbecue specialties, goulash and pan-fried meat.Bottle...
Price €2.99
White Hag 'Roc' Pilsner Lager 33cl Can
White Hag 'Roc' Pilsner Lager 33cl Can Ireland READ MORE
The White Hag Róc Modern Pils Lager presents light spicy hops, malt, and hints of citrus zest. It has medium carbonation, soft bitterness, light body and is utterly refreshing Brand White HagCountry Ireland Style LagerCan Size 33clAlcohol by Volume 4.2%
Price €2.75

Wicklow Wolf Arcadia Kolsch Lager 50cl Bottle
Wicklow Wolf Arcadia Kolsch Lager 50cl Bottle Ireland READ MORE
Kolsch Style beers are a Lager/Ale hybrid. It’s a recipe like a German Pilsner but fermented with an Ale yeast. This beer hits that classic lager drinkability; Clean, Crisp & Refreshing.Brand Wicklow WolfCountry IrelandStyle Kolsch/Lager Food Match Pair this beer with salads, shellfish, sausages. Camembert and nutty cheesesBottle Size 50clAlcohol by Volume 4.5%
Price €3.95