Organic Wine Options....

Organic Wine Options....

It’s the time of year again when most of us look to shake off the excesses of the festive period and look for some healthier alternatives when it comes to food & drink.

Here at The Wine Centre, our in-store experts have picked out some organic options – offering healthier and environmentally friendly alternatives without having to compromise on quality and taste...

There is increasing interest in organic wines, because of their quality and positive benefits to the environment. Organic wine is grown using sustainable faming methods that protects the environment and preserves the life of both the soil and the vines. We have picked out the three organic options below, that include a red wine, white wine and prosecco.


 Canforrales Syrah-Tempranillo 75cl - €13.95

Characterised by the ripe, red fruits of the Tempranillo grape with the syrah offering a mature, velvety and floral expression.


Canforrales Viognier Sauvignon Blanc 75cl - €13.95

A young, fresh sauvignon blanc highlighted by clean aromas and tropical fruits. An organic wine with a palate that is light, fresh and fruity.


La Jara Prosecco Organic Frizzate 75cl - €17.95

A 100% organic Prosecco with a delicate scent of acacia flowers and golden apples. Fresh and aromatic with a light sparkle and delicate foam.

Posted by Simon Hawkins
10th January 2020

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