Four Ways to Drink Your Whiskey

Four Ways to Drink Your Whiskey

First of all, if you are new to drinking whiskey, you need to know that ‘Whiskey’ is the general term given to the distilled spirit. There are many different types of whiskeys such as Blended, Pot Still, Single Cask, Single Grain and Single Malt. Some whiskeys can be differentiated by their location. For example, Scotch whiskey is made in Scotland and Bourbon is made in the United States of America. Even though there are many different types of whiskey, there are also different ways you can drink them so let’s dive in..


Neat is the term used to order a drink that is served with no ice or mixer. This is a straight pour of liquor into your glass that is served at room temperature. Whiskey is quite often ordered neat as many people prefer it at room temperature and want to experience as much flavour as they can.

With Water

Some people feel like the alcohol burns their tongue when drinking whiskey neat. To help dilute the whiskey slightly so that they can enjoy the flavours, a small measure of water is added. This can be distilled water or sparkling water; it is your own preference. If the flavour is still too strong, simply add some more water.

On The Rocks

‘On The Rocks’ is the term used to drink your whiskey with ice cubes. If you choose this option, ensure that you use one cube to start as when it melts it will dilute your whiskey. Keep a small spoon nearby so when your whiskey is cooled to the temperature that you like, you can remove the ice cube to prevent the whiskey being diluted any further.

In A Cocktail

This is where you can be creative. Adding whiskey to a cocktail allows you to really enjoy the low to mid range selection of whiskeys that perhaps you would not enjoy as much on their own. Some of the classic cocktails that contain whiskey include a John Collins, Whiskey Sour, Manhattan and Rob Roy.


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2nd August 2018

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